President's Message:

Dear Colleagues in Post Acute and Long Term Care,

I am honored to represent the Medical Directors and Attending Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, Nurses, Therapists, Pharmacists and all providers in post acute and long term care in Michigan. In October, MiMDA became MiMDA-the Michigan Society for Post Acute and Long Term Care, following the lead of AMDA. The name change represents two big changes in our long term care world. First, we recognize the contribution of Nurse Practitoners and Physician Assistants in LTC by offering full membership in MiMDA. Second, we recognize that more and more of our work is in the subacute or post acute setting. Also, long term care now includes assisted living and other residential settings for our older patients. Our world is changing.

The Board of MiMDA has set a goal for the past several years of making MiMDA more relevant in the long term care community in Michigan. We need to engage providers from the disciplines of NP, PA, pharmacy, and PT/OT/ST. We need to build relationships with other LTC organizations, to help and learn from one another. The Board is hoping to attract both an NP and PA to the Board for our September meeting. We would like to build our annual conference to make it more attractive to providers. Attendance has been around 80 the past few years while the number of long term care providers must be in the hundreds.

Why would a provider want to join MiMDA? We provide an excellent, affordable annual conference. The annual conference and AMDA meetings offer great networking opportunity. The MiMDA Board is available by email for your administrative and clinical questions. MiMDA both participates with and provides education for other long term care organizations in Michigan. We maintain a relationship with the State of Michigan LARA, Long Term Care Division, and may be able to help address questions at the state level.

YOU can help MiMDA become more relevant and have more influence in the future of post acute and long term care in Michigan by encouraging your colleagues to join our organization. The cost is minimal and we are the only organization that represents long term care providers.

I can be reached at mjackson@indigo247.com
Thank you for the privilege of representing MiMDA!
Mark Jackson, MD, CMD
Director, iNDIGO Post Acute and Long Term Care


The Michigan Medical Directors Association is a professional association of medical directors, physicians and other licensed independent practitioners practicing in the long term care continuum dedicated to excellence in patient care.

On this site, MIMDA will post original materials along with links to existing resources, tools, articles and legislative information designed to advance our mission to improve patient care and promote the professional development of long term care practitioners.  MIMDA members are encouraged to submit non-commercial, long term care related items which they feel should be shared with our members.

Free Resource: Tip Sheet on Controlled Substance Prescribing in LTC

Medical societies seeking to ensure compassionate and high quality care for long term care patients joined together to develop a "Tip Sheet on Prescribing for Controlled Substances in Long Term Care." The document is designed to assist physicians and other prescribers in their efforts to ensure proper controlled substances prescribing in long term care, and deal with aggressive enforcement actions by Drug Enforcement Administration agents. View Tip Sheet

New AMDA Distance Learning Opportunities Now Available Online!

AMDA has expanded their online and distance learning offerings.  This year AMDA has embarked on an expansion of their distance learning program.  Adding live webinars, recorded webcasts and bringing back CME credits on revised CPGs, AMDA's education outreach continues to grow to meet the needs of practitioners in the long term care setting.  Participants can earn both CME credits and CMD credits for these educational activities which are now available to you at the click of a mouse.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get long term care specific education without the need to book flights or take time away from your busy practice.

Visit AMDA's website today to learn about their expanding offerings in distance education.

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